Findhorn Foundation

June 3, 2007

The Findhorn Foundation “The Findhorn Foundation is the educational and organisational cornerstone of the Findhorn Community, and its work is based on the values of planetary service, co-creation with nature and attunement to the divinity within all beings. We believe that humanity is engaged in an evolutionary expansion of consciousness, and seek to develop new ways of living infused with spiritual values. We have no formal creed or doctrine. We recognise and honour all the world’s major religions as the many paths to knowing our own inner divinity.” (from the web site

Findhorn foundation offers skill building sessions to communities and villages to help them develop in a harmonious way. They are responsible for much of the training around non-violent communication, experiential games and GEN (global eco-village network). The Findhorn Community claims that they have been able to reduce their ecological footprint to half that of the rest of the UK. Four windmills generate the electricity for the Park.

 I visited Findhorn via the Experience Week. There were 15 of us that stayed at the Cluny Hill College campus.












During our week we learned how to use non-violent communication skills with one another. We used experiential games that helped us to connect with one another on a profound level. By the time we left there. we knew each other on a genuine and intimate level.

We had the opportunity to visit the original site of the Findhorn Community called “The Park”. The founders started there in 19– while it was a caravan or camper park. After making a loving connection with nature and growing amazing vegetables, the community grew until it had to expand it’s boundaries to accommodate over 500 people.

Above is the communal dining area at the Park.

On the right is some of the original caravans.










  Below is my favorite space which I lovingly called the Hobbit house. Officially, it is known as the Nature Sanctuary.

Our focalizers were talented and sensitive people who were very keen to provide a living example of non-violent communication.

Yern and Catherine took us on a couple of field trips to show us more of the beauty of the land.

Scotsman at Findhorn River.

 This castle is called New Hope and is a new and developing community near Forres Scotland. It is at the forming stages and is using Findhorn Community as it’s blue print. The gardens out back are beautiful and unique.

The only draw back of my visit to Scotland is that it was too short due to the cost. I would be happy to spend more time there and learn more from the community when I can find a way to do it. But it won’t be in the winter, they only get 5 hours of sunlight then!!!


3 Responses to “Findhorn Foundation”

  1. Jacqueline said

    Thank you for saying such lovely things about us. Your blog is beautiful. I live at Cluny and have been here for 10 years and it is so nourishing to read how this wonderful place touches peoples lives. Sometimes I become very busy with “doing” and forgot the wonder of this place. Reading this today reconnected me to the magic.

    I hope you are able to make it back to visit us again.

    Love and blessing on your wanderings.

  2. Alexandre R. said

    I loved in the deep of my soul your blog!

    Thank you so much for sharing this contend!



  3. Rania said

    I loved my stay at Findhorn. This morning I woke up with the voice of Cluny Hill in my head. I’m missing this place so much!
    I just wanted to share this feeling with you
    With love,

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